For the very first time since the show "Goosebumps"  first aired back in 1995

This is your opportunity to obtain one of the most sought after TV Show dummy props in recent history.

Ladies and gentleman may we present: 


1:1 Prop-replica made to perfection without any expanse spared from the only guys who could do it, 

The Scary Closet's Nightmare - Puppets Collection Series. 

This little monster is one year in the making and as always 

with "The Scary Closet"

Detail, Detail, Detail.

That's what The Scary Closet is known for worldwide.

How many of us out there are scared to death of puppets

because of Slappy from our childhood???

This would make the ultimate Christmas gift to a friend, family member or to yourself for your prized collection. 

Slappy is lifesize 1:1 custom hand-made with over 50 intricate hand assembled pieces, 

including an exact replica of the Spell Card that when read out loud

would bring Slappy to life.

Best part of all, the head was cast from an "Original Mold"  that was screen used. 

It doesn't get any closer to the real thing than what we have here today. 

Slappy is approximately 47" inches from head to toe. 

and weighs approximately 20 pounds. 

Hands are custom made to screen match the actual prop. 

Arms and legs fold to pose in different positions. 

The eyebrows are unattached and applied with velcro tape and can be changed in different positions to give Slappy an entirely different personalty. 

The custom paint job was screen matched and done by the special 

FX team over at "The Scary Closet"

Goosebumps was made into a feature film starring:  Jack Black which has made the original 

 Slappy more and more sought after and a great investment. 

One last thing, Slappy has been known to run around the neighborhood screaming