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Pictures of our deisplay at a Monsterpalooza convention with special guest Philip Friedman who played
"The Old Woman" from INSIDIOUS
Complete prop replica set up from the Further built by: The Scary Closet

Mother of The Old Woman aka Parker Crane, actress Danielle Bisutti

Actress Danielle Harris from Halloween
Visits The Scary Closet to venture into The Further...

Actor Sid Haig from Devils Rejects visits The Scary Closet to also try his luck into The Further...

Actor Philip Friedman autographs himself on the back of his own neck...

Below from left to right is the Poltergeist clown from 2015 movie remake, Brahms Doll from the movie "The Boy" , Demon from "Lights Out" viral short and last we have The Demonic Nun - Valak,  from The Conjuring 2